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Published by: Machete
Posted: March 28, 2009, 12:40 am

I dug this up in the PinoyMMA forum. I wrote it around August last year, reflecting on the state of MMA in the Philippines. How they sat it is limited to pretty boys with scarves and popped-up collars. How they say it is monopolized by the elite Atenistas and La Sallistas. Here was my take on it. Note that I used to call it "No Holds Barred."

I have been thinking and reflecting about Philippine mixed martial artists, and trying to figure out why some do not share our enthusiasm and faith on this particular sport. mixed martial arts in the Philippines is at a very early stage of development. and i mean fetus-early. Even though we have had six years of URCC, Philippine MMA has shown but baby steps towards our international goals.

They say mixed martial arts is limited to "pretty boys," (I know, I know. What can we do? We tend to attract a lot of homosexual attention. No offense.) or those in the upper-middle class who have the spare time to know international pop culture (the mixed martial art trend), and the spare money to enroll in a local MMA gym. When they get good enough, they work for the big league. Personally, i am only aware of two major ones: URCC and Fearless. Who watches them? Those who can afford the 300+ peso minimum ticket (for URCC), or those who hang out in Metrowalk (for Fearless). Not exactly the kind of people who make up most of our population. How can we pride ourselves as a people on our no holds barred fighters when all the masses know is Pacquiao and boxing. (How many of you have been called "pacquiao/pacman/manny" by pedestrians, passers-by, bystanders, etc. during roadwork?)

Hindering further development is the conservative nature in our culture. Have any of you watched "the correspondents" when they featured no holds barred fighting? They were calling it "wrestling" for fuck's sake. They featured kids who fought for 50 pesos, trained in Luneta, and fought as if they had no choice. they showed hidden camera footage of "underground wrestling fights." (one of which was a yaw yan ardigma fighting challenge probably taken from youtube.) They featured interviews from young adults who trained in MMA gyms to compete in the so-called "wrestling," even keeping their names and faces anonymous. I was hysterical. "so ignorant..." I thought. they would say anything to sell a good story. Fucking journo bastards...

A sign of our primitive ways is our persevering belief in purity. there still exist purists who believe in the superiority and inferiority of "styles." There is still a rivalry between strikers and grapplers. We still put too much faith in our art, rather than training methods. ("muay thai ako. kayang-kaya ko 'yan. taekwondo lang 'yan eh." "striking striking pa 'yan. 'pag na ground ko 'yan, tapos. nag bjj kaya ako." "ayaw ko sa mga grappler/striker, ang yayabang." "pinakamaganda kung gusto mo mag MMA, mag bjj/muay thai/boxing ka.") Do any of the previous phrases sound familiar? point proven. American MMA is a different, evolved, yet not exactly a desirable situation. in the american scene, I have noticed that MMA has become a style to them. There is such a thing as a karate kick, a muay thai kick, and an MMA kick. The point of MMA and NHB fighting is the elimination of styles. It is pitting a person against a person, rather than determining which style is better. Like what happened to Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do, mixed martial arts became a style rather than a concept. You teach students "mixed martial arts," rather than teaching them martial arts and letting them mix it up. hence, the term mixed.

A benchmark i have seen in the evolution of Philippine MMA is the relatively new Lakay Wushu team. Full-time fighters who do not "fight using Wushu," but rather "use what they know in Wushu in fighting." They steamroll the competition not with superior style, but with superior training.

This was supposed to be a reply to the thread "Question to all pinoy MMA fighters?? ..." Yet I found it too long, and wanted to get other non-retarded people's opinions. Let us make it clear that these are nothing more than personal observations and opinions from an individual who fully supports Philippine no holds barred fighting and mixed martial arts. also, it is an attempt to compensate for my being a troll. Haha

"no style as style. no limitation as limitation." - Bruce Lee

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